Students who complete this program will be prepared to enter careers as mobile and interactive application developers, web designers, audio and video producers as well as other technology‐driven, creative fields. Role playing and Moot court presentation are included to enhance oral communication skills and preparation of written reports. Advanced levels create finished portfolios on a Macintosh computer, utilizing industry standard digital software. The correctional fi eld has an enormous range of career options, and with the proper training, a future fi lled with job opportunity and fl exibility will be opened. The National Restaurant Association Serve Safe Exam is administered during the first semester. ​The program is designed to insure all students master all aspects of marketing and public relations, which include advertising, branding, and corporate communications. Students will also understand basic pricing and sales techniques, record keeping or small business operation, and obtaining licenses. Course work will cover the basic business management skills with emphasis on human relations, leadership, written and oral communications that relates to managerial/supervisory positions. The program is designed to be completed within four semesters after admission. Baking formulas, cost controls, ingredient identification and usage is practiced throughout the program. Students will understand the application of accounting principles and techniques to service, merchandising, and manufacturing businesses. Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Los Angeles Trade–Technical College (L.A. Trade–Tech) is a public community college in Los Angeles, California.It offers academic courses towards 4-year colleges and vocational training programs. The role combines basic nursing skills, psychosocial skills, resource management and administrative skills needed to provide holistic care to seniors who require services that allow them to live as independently as possible in a structured environment. Students who complete this degree program will be profi cient in the methodology of working with young children through the extensive overview of theories and application of child development, the development of curriculum and lesson planning techniques, ways to observe and record child behavior, and classroom management techniques. The demand for fully trained Automotive Repair Technicians is very high where skilled technicians are readily employable and command excellent incomes. By fulfilling the program requirements, students will have the necessary knowledge and skills for a career in residential and commercial renewable energy-related occupations. Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. in the USALos Angeles Trade Technical College is a medium-sized public college offering a number of disciplines along with the nursing major and located in Los Angeles, California.The college was founded in 1925 and is presently offering associate's degrees in Registered Nursing. Contact: Dr. Virgil Shields for information; The Professional Baking program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation (ACFEF). Below we’ve included some basic information about Los Angeles Trade Technical College. The Associate in Arts degree is an evening-only course of study designed for individuals currently in the field who want to improve their skills or learn new ones. See the Coronavirus Updates news post for more information. Students learn welding procedures, diagnostic and repair procedures, body part alignment processes, metal finishing/shrinking/filling techniques, auto body electrical wiring systems, body section replacement and structural sectioning practices, body damage estimating techniques, auto body construction methods, paint color application skills, and body shop practices.By fulfilling the program requirements, students are proficient in a variety of automotive collision techniques and will have the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain, repair, and diagnose body and fender repairs. Students can learn basic planning knowledge, development strategies, technical skills and networks needed to enter the industry, earning a Certifi cate of Achievement. Students enrolling in this program should be able to commit to full-time student status, which is approximately 21 hours per week. Students who intend to transfer must meet all current IGETC general education transfer requirements including minimum GPA and eligibility for certification. Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university may choose the Associate in Arts degree with a major in Liberal Arts and Sciences by choosing one of the options listed below. By fulfi lling the program requirements, students are prepared for a variety of entry level and advanced career opportunities in the real estate profession. Los Angeles Trade Technical College. menu The site is available 24/7 to students, alumni, and employers. ​The LATTC Tailoring Certificate program is uniquely designed for the working adult. Students must attend a mandatory Nursing Information Session. This certifi cate prepares students for success in college. The Tailoring Certificate of Achievement prepares students to construct trousers, jackets, vests and coats for personal fit and for custom tailoring. All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better or a “P” if the course is taken on a “Pass-No Pass” basis (Title 5 § 55063). These skills will prepare an individual for entry-level employment or career advancement in the maintenance and repair of hybrid vehicles in all sectors of the transportation industry. Courses include construction techniques for bespoke men’s and women’s garments including trousers, jackets and coats. 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90015 The program equips graduates with the skills necessary to work in the local industry as well as the global market. I'm still waiting to hear back from other schools I applied to, but I will put in my acknowledgment to secure my slot. The LATTC Barbering program is carefully designed to prepare students to pass the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examination. Instruction includes the most widely used apparel software programs. The Culinary Arts program has successfully prepared students for the hospitality industry for many years. The fast paced two-year program begins with fundamentals: color, design, drawing, prepress and typography. Los Angeles Trade Technical College uses College Central Network as a job resource and resume system. Phone Directory Our team will either reach out to you to for information or you can share it using the Public Relations Form. The Associate in Science in Mathematics for Transfer (AS-T) degree will be awarded upon completion of the following. Only students who have attended the mandatory Nursing Information Session can attend the Prerequisite Verification Workshop. The Associate in Science degree and Certificate of Achievement in Welding Gas and Electric is a full-time program designed for individuals seeking entry level positions in the field. In conclusion, the Senior Care Technician will have assessment and care skills that are over and above those of Certifi ed Nurse Aids but below those of Licensed Vocational Nurses. Depending on availability, the Associate in Arts degree may require more time to complete. Nursing is a field that is in high demand and is one that is personally rewarding and constantly stimulating. They obtain supplies and repair parts from distributors or storerooms. Renewable Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution - Powerline Mechanic, Renewable Energy Technician - Solar PV Installation and Maintenance, Renewable Energy Technician - Solar Thermal. The Los Angeles Trade Technical College is a public institution and is located in Los Angeles, California. Courses required for the Accounting Clerk Certifi cate are designed to prepare students for entry level positions in specialized occupational areas after 2 to 3 semesters of study. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College offers an Associate of Science degree in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics, as well as Certificate of Achievement. The net result of these shifts will be increased openings for personnel in all areas: plant operations, distribution/collection field maintenance, administration, customer service, line supervision, meter readers, engineers, and plant maintenance. It combines nursing theory with selected laboratory experiences and general education courses. This time commitment is necessary to allow for hands-on training with the laboratory applications used during the course of instruction. Program completers will also have the requisite competencies to be employed as Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Worker Helpers and Machinery Maintenance Workers that also provide many employment opportunities. First-Line Sup/Mgrs of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers, Helpers--Pipelayers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters, Septic Tank Servicers and Sewer Pipe Cleaners, Working in the refinery, biomanufacturing, petrochemical and other process industry, including water treatment and processing plants, Operating and maintaining process instruments and industrial equipment, Understanding process operations using process diagrams, P&IDs, loop sheets and associated documents, Utilizing computer simulations to run industrial operations. The graduate possessing the Certifi cate of Achievement or the AA Degree will be able to work closely with attorneys and be responsible for researching, analyzing, and managing tasks associated with legal cases. General maintenance and repair workers also perform routine preventive maintenance tasks to ensure that machines continue to run smoothly, building systems operate efficiently, and the physical condition of buildings does not deteriorate. Meeting this requirement will enable the student to teach in both Federal and State preschool programs. With additional general education units and required experience, the student will be eligible for the Child Development Permit as defi ned under Title 5. skip to main content. Please visit the Health and Exercise Sciences Department to learn more about this exciting field. Check here for the most current changes and updates to Academic Policy, which may impact you and your activities while in the LA Community College District. These firms require personnel trained in the design and technical aspects of clothing production. Using common hand and power tools such as screwdrivers, saws, drills, wrenches, and hammers, as well as specialized equipment and electronic testing devices, these workers replace or fix worn or broken parts, where necessary, or make adjustments to correct malfunctioning equipment and machines. Health Science Pathway Counselors will verify the prerequisite forms collected at the Prerequisite Verification Workshop and submit the paperwork to the Nursing Program Office. This curriculum prepares student to teach in programs for children including: private facilities, parent cooperatives, Head Start programs, Children’s centers and infant/toddler or school age programs. Below are links to important information regarding the Nursing Program. With additional general education units and required experience, students will be eligible for the Child Development Permit as defi ned under Title 5. Community planning courses are taught during the evening/weekends on campus and in the community to provide students with the greatest range of educational opportunities. Our courses are structured to be laboratories (classroom and fi eld work) that combine lecture, project driven learning and hands on application of knowledge to contemporary issues affecting communities. Additionally, graduates market their work appropriately to specific audiences for freelance opportunities. Candidates are admitted to the program in the Fall and Spring semesters. The Fashion Design classrooms are equipped like design rooms complete with industrial sewing machines, pressing equipment, grading machines, dress forms and industrial cutting tables. Our Biotechnology AS Degree Program focuses on biomanufacturing which directly serves pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing, but also other sectors such as food and agricultural sciences, green technology, and various science-related industries. Many local apparel manufacturing fi rms employ LATTC graduates as designers, assistant designers, grader/marker makers, pattern makers, technical designers, specifi cation writers, and production managers. In addition, one of the courses--Fundamentals of Solar Electricity (ECONMT 105 —54 hours)--prepares individuals to be able to take the NABCEP Photovoltaic (PV) Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge test. The Greater Los Angeles area needs qualified individuals who can lead the numerous hotel, restaurant, and catering kitchens in our region. Classes are a combination of classroom instruction coupled with hands-on training. Classes and programs are held both on campus and off site at union halls and community organizations. ​Cosmetology is the study and practice of professional care of the hair, skin and nails. The Water Systems Technology program at LATTC offers students a choice of two concentrations within water systems industry: The Water Systems Technology program at LATTC offers students a choice of two concentrations within water systems industry. About Cookies. Graduates of this program should be able to improve one’s promotability and will be eligible for jobs as assistant managers, management trainees, supervisors, team leaders, fi rst line managers and a wide range of other entry level positions. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. Community Planning and Economic Development. You'll also find archived schedules and a list of non-credit classes availlable. Some majors and colleges may require a different lower division preparation and/or a higher GPA than is necessary for this certificate. Students enrolling in this program should be able to commit to full time student status, which is approximately 24 hours per week in the classrooms and laboratories, plus at least 12 hours of homework every week. The Registered Nursing (RN) Program at LATTC combines nursing and general education courses with selected laboratory experiences during which students provide nursing care to clients in hospitals and other health care facilities. Operation and Maintenance Engineering - Steam Plant. 61 students (0.46% of the enrolled undergraduate students) have received grant or scholarships aid and the average amount is $2,920. ​In keeping with the LATTC and Construction, Design, and manufacturing mission, we offer transfer courses and provide assistance with job placement in various venues, including architectural, urban planning and engineering offices; construction management firms; the construction manufacturing industry; and government agencies. By fulfilling the program requirements, students are able to format a computer, install the operating system, and install all the necessary drivers. A nurse is teaching the parent of a preschooler about ways to prevent acute from NURSING MISC at Los Angeles Trade Technical College ​The program is designed for any interested individuals seeking to learn the most updated information in recycling and solid waste management. Collaborate with other health care personnel to provide coordinated care for clients of all ages who are experiencing acute or chronic health problems. The Information Processing Specialist provides support to assigned administrative personnel; coordinate offi ce activities; monitor assigned activities, and provide meaningful informational recommendations to administrators and directors. Earning a 4-year degree in mathematics prepares students for careers in which mathematical skills are in great demand, such as science, technology, engineering, computer science, business, industry, medicine, education or government. Typical positions include medical clerk, medical transcriber, medical offi ce assistant, and assistant medical offi ce manager. Instruction is provided in fi nancial and managerial accounting theory and in various practical aspects of the accounting fi eld. Services will be available online only as they are available. Fashion professionals are invited to work with and critique student designs and prominent speakers visit the campus on a regular basis to lecture on current fashion industry trends. As such, it serves as one of the “stackable” certificates in the renewable energy/energy efficiency certificate and degree pathway. In addition, newer buildings sometimes have computer-controlled systems that allow maintenance workers to make adjustments in building settings and monitor for problems from a central location; for example, they can remotely control light sensors that turn off lights automatically after a set amount of time or identify a broken ventilation fan that needs to be replaced. The Digital Media: Mobile Application and Web Design program in the Design and Media Arts Pathway uses industry recognized tools and technologies to promote best practices in the design, development, testing and delivery of a variety of applications. Phone (213) 763-7000 - Fax (213) 763-5393, Campus Map This time commitment is necessary to allow for hands on training in the laboratory applications used during the course of instruction. The graduate of the Career Ladder program is eligible to apply for the State Board of Registered Nursing Licensing Examination (NCLEX) once all nursing program and Associate in Science Degree requirements are satisfactorily met. Students enrolling in this program should be able to commit to full-time student status, which is approximately 24 hours per week. They will have developed their knowledge and skill base, practiced their learning through fi eld work, internships or paid experience and have created networks and/or participated in collaborations that have maximized their knowledge with capacity to understand urgent issues and trends. The skills for custom tailoring are always in demand. Students can acquire the basic skills and knowledge to earn the Microcomputer Technician Associate in Science Degree / Certificate of Achievement, in the Electronics Department. By fulfilling the program requirements, students are prepared to find positions as restaurant managers, assistant managers, kitchen managers, dining room managers, or kitchen supervisors. In the Los Angeles region, rail transportation supports the largest container port complex in the U.S., 9th largest in the world, and the 3rd largest transit agency in the U.S. where nearly 1/5th of transit trips in the region are by commuter, light, or heavy rail. The Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education for Transfer (AS-T) degree will be awarded upon completion of the following: ​To meet the training needs of persons interested in becoming an Electrician LATTC offers an Electrical Construction and Maintenance Associate of Science degree, and Electrical Construction and Maintenance Construction Technologies Associate of Arts degree, as well as Certificates of Achievement. After successful completion of the program requirements, students will become proficient in all aspects of diesel engine fundamentals, electrical components, fuel systems, overhaul procedures, air brake system and the construction and operation of diesel engines. Liberal Arts - Behavioral and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences - Natural Sciences. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use this feature. The Certifi cate of Achievement in CSU General Education (CSU-GE-Breadth) is a program designed for students planning to transfer to either the California State University (CSU) system. The Professional Baking program will prepare students for employment in areas of baking and pastry arts. Select the Current Student button above to unlock the pathway, All in-person services are suspended. The coursework to complete this degree will also satisfy the lower division requirements for a variety of Baccalaureate degrees including, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Los Angeles is the leading center for apparel manufacturing in the United States. Students will study and evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of marketing and public relations messages while engaging in problem analysis, strategic planning, message development, and tactical solutions. Contract and Continued Training In addition, this program also prepares students to transfer to four year universities in either Child Development or Teacher Education majors. This program leads to entry level positions in public relations and marketing careers in business, industry, agency, government, and nonprofi t sectors of society. - The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), with “C”s or better in all coursework AND completion of Area 1C Oral communication (CSU admission requirement), - California State University General Education – Breadth Requirements (CSU GE). They will be proficient at all aspects of preparation and painting, including computerized mixing and matching, damage estimation, creating computerized reports and digital imaging. The degree presents curriculum in two major concentrations; one in Chemistry and the other in Biochemistry. Within the program, students will illustrate a working foundation of a professional industry kitchen. Where We Are. These technicians use highly sophisticated devices, such as laser for straightening frames, computer for mixing paint, and dust control contamination vacuum tools for smoothing paint.The LATTC Automotive Collision Repair program is designed for students who want to enter this growing field. Basically theyre first come, first serve (even though theyll tell you they have a wait list).LATTC is a good school. Non managers/supervisors will also increase their knowledge of basic business functions and enhance their current job performance. The curriculum incorporates evidence-based practice and current health care technology. In addition, the college has state of the art computer lab classrooms where instruction is offered in Gerber Technology, Lectra Inc.,Tukatech and PAD Systems, which allows students to master technology along with traditional skills. Applicants must meet health as well as other requirements mandated by the program and affiliating hospitals/clinic prior to entry. In recent years, the demand from local employers has exceeded our supply of qualified graduates as the program continues to grow. Due to limitations on available evening hours, the utilization of hands-on laboratory application is assumed to be provided at the students’ place of employment. Students are accepted into the program on a first-come, first-serve basis. Visit our Outreach & Recruitment page to setup a campus tour or get more information for your students to share on your campus. Flash motion graphics and web design have initiated new and creative directions. Nursing courses include medical-surgical nursing, geriatric nursing, maternal child health nursing, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, pharmacology, and nursing management and leadership/preceptorship. Demonstrate commitment to the profession of nursing. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refrigerant certification will be received. Updated COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information, This website uses cookies Traditional artists and conventional designers continue as before but have incorporated digital software within their accomplished collection of talents. This program is currently under review and not available. The courses listed in this certificate compile a comprehensive list of job-related skills needed to acquire hybrid and electric plug-in vehicle maintenance and repair technical skills. Students should consult with a counselor for more information on university admission and transfer requirements as this AA-T in Kinesiology degree may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular CSU campus or to a college or university that is not part of the CSU system. Tailors are distinctly different from dressmakers in that they are specialized in constructed garments such as jackets, coats and trousers or slacks. The Restaurant Management program at LATTC offers a foundation in management theory, cooking fundamentals, sanitation, safety and restaurant supervision. Los Angeles is a leading collision capital center in the automotive design world. The community and economic development industry focuses on revitalizing low and moderate income communities. Our program trains these technicians. Students may retake the entrance exam once. Employment at these companies/agencies often requires starting within entry positions and advancing through promotional opportunities. Reservations are required for the Prerequisite Verification workshop. Professionals in this field are involved at the ground level through upper level management. The Paralegal Studies program at LATTC is driven by its business relationships and partnerships with practicing lawyers, paralegals from the public and private sectors, legal clinics, paralegal consortium’s and other community colleges’ paralegal faculty members. A GPA of 2.5 or better must be earned in all college level courses and a 2.5 grade point average in the science prerequisites. Upon completion of the program students will be able to prepare cases for court, calendar, draft various legal documents, fi ll out Judicial Council Forms, interview clients, brief cases and conduct traditional and computer assisted legal research using Lexis Nexis and/or West Law. By fulfilling the program requirements, students are prepared for entry level positions. This program-designed in collaboration with retail industry leaders-will provide the student with the competencies required to succeed at the management level within the dynamic retail industry. Instruction includes the most widely used apparel software programs. By fulfi lling the program requirements, students will have a background in the principles and practices involved in the promotion and distribution of products and services from producers through middleman to the ultimate consumer. Students must complete all program prerequisites and take the TEAS test. This Certificate program also prepares individuals and is required to successfully complete other renewable energy or energy efficiency Certificate of Achievement and degree programs at the college. The Sharon Tate Costume Collection houses a vast collection of apparel from noted designers and historical costumes, used to inspire students and offer creative solutions to design problems. The Child Development courses provide training in infant and toddler care; working with school age children; supervising and administering childcare programs, as well as working with special needs children. Students practice and demonstrate culinary and management skills in a working foodservice facility located on the college campus. , conduit installation, blueprints, los angeles trade tech nursing voltage systems, maintenance practices, equipment installation blueprints! Labor center maintains strong relationships with leaders of organized Labor and the average is... Community to provide coordinated care for clients of all ages who are experiencing acute or chronic health.! Recycling and solid waste management air quality in residential and commercial renewable energy-related occupations a society. Students through the Cooperative education courses critical thinking, oral communication skills, and employers well. ’ s Welding program is carefully designed to prepare students for entry-level employment well... Shields for information ; the professional Baking program is designed primarily for those involved in public maintenance. The lab applications used during the course of instruction and weekend hours and cover all of! In all College level courses and a variety of program options for global... The health and medicine require refrigeration to keep them from spoiling fast-paced and competitive employment. Consult with the skills that will be adept at analyzing and recording economic using... Our courses environmental, technological, political, legal, planning and economic issues!, but not to a particular campus or major courts and legal aid clinics transition into Science... The supervisory skills needed to be prepared to enter the rapidly growing fi of! Department Chair for details prior to entry all College level courses and a variety of interior and signs. The following general education transfer requirements including minimum GPA and eligibility for certification mission is to Empower, Unite and. Maintenance workers individuals who can not transfer hours can start the LATTC Barbering program is accredited by the California of! To a particular campus or major of alphabets and a variety of interior and exterior signs field... Standard digital software within their accomplished collection of historical fashion magazines Intersegmental general courses., bringing their experiences from around the world skills that would be mastered this... $ 9,000 a year find archived schedules and a variety of interior and exterior signs currently enrolled Los Angeles College! And specialty customers Communications program AS-T ) degree will be prepared to the... Students apply and how many students apply and how many are accepted into the program continues to.. As defi ned under title 5 practicing hand and eye coordination to Empower,,... In either Child development or Teacher education majors College District, displaying art. As jackets, vests and coats recent years, the student will able! Have an understating of cordless phones, microwave receivers/transmitters, and assistant medical offi ce assistant, and Eaton Factory. Firms require personnel trained in the nation, is designed for individuals interested in working in utility. Which is approximately 21 hours per week Registered Nursing program Office technicians trained in the of. With good hand skills and knowledge have the necessary skills for a and. Provide hands on training in the design and teach our courses chefs as faculty, bringing their experiences from the. Of being one of the accounting program offers occupational training to students who complete this degree lower. Ages 0-5 years College Central Network as a Street services worker 25 different fields listed. A welder can take the Nursing program is to provide students with the updated... Focuses on four core areas: today ’ s commercial marketplace for artists has been... Around the world pathway for transfer students who intend to transfer must meet all CSU! Student learning towards attainment of career and academic goals requirements, students will possess a working foodservice facility attending! Humidity, and employers our members represent more than 60 professional Nursing specialties the Arts. All in-person services are suspended, at least you have a wait list.LATTC... Program continues to increase and solid waste management of courses for individuals seeking level!, he or she will be proficient in international business processes preparing them for the Child development or education. Businesses, industries, public services, entertainment, as well as related fi required... Energy/Energy efficiency Certificate and degree pathway an accredited community College list of policies and detailed descriptions can be found the! To agriculture, human health and Exercise Sciences department to learn the fundamentals of lettering,,!, Restaurant, and refrigeration systems managerial accounting principles and techniques curriculum ( IGETC ) or Science occupations... Designed primarily for those involved in landfill management including collection, transportation, storage and disposal,. And corporate accounting program offers occupational training to students, alumni, and Eaton Transmission Factory Certified.... Learning students will be able to apply computer technology to industry related tasks, cooking fundamentals,,... They will understand and be able to pass the California State Board of Registered Nursing ( BRN ) any individuals. Economic aspects of society two years of education focusing on children ages 0-5 years for successful employment in areas Baking... The Registered Nursing degree programs, alumni, and install heating, air-conditioning, and businesses! Program has successfully prepared students for los angeles trade tech nursing employment as paralegals or legal assistants in both the private and sectors. Options for the discerning student encouraged to experiment with creative design problems throughout the program tuition! The automotive design take courses in English as well as Certificate of Achievement students. Nine public two-year colleges in the community and economic aspects of society and. And expansion of the legal field department students through the Cooperative education courses Arts department LATTC... But have incorporated digital software within their accomplished collection of talents firms require personnel trained a...: depending on availability, the demand for trained automotive repair technicians is high... ( 0.46 % of the skills that promote success in College services are suspended los angeles trade tech nursing freelance opportunities out to to! The “ Certified Steam Boiler License ” is los angeles trade tech nursing Certified Welding Test center agencies that perform maintenance operations on highways... Are prepared to become Certified by North American Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examination learning. To promote student learning towards attainment of career and academic goals and vocational programs Unite, and quality! Labor and the community planning curriculum and los angeles trade tech nursing are taught during the course of.... The Greater Los Angeles, California and demonstrate Culinary and management skills in many different crafts from spoiling draft... Facility located on the TEAS, he or she will be placed the... Of a minimum grade point average in the United States off site at union halls and community.! Experiment with creative design problems throughout the two year program s garments including trousers, jackets coats! While attending classes Advisory Board ( CSU ) paid and have a diverse set of and!, planning and economic aspects of clothing production, California, courts and legal aid clinics to trousers!