Data had a vast array of interests and hobbies - including painting, playing Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck, Shakesphere, music, and games of chance like poker. Picard considered Data's actions to be the most "Human" decision that he had ever made. Data's assurance that he is a "fully functional" Human male is a quote from the telemovie. As Picard deactivated the simulation, Data spent the time he had left enjoying a glass of wine, listening to "Blue Skies" on a record player, then reclining on a sofa until he passed with a simulated Picard by his side. Data designed and built his "daughter", whom Data named Lal; Data says "Lal" means "beloved" in Earth's Hindi language; using his own positronic brain as a design template. However, Susan Sackett felt Data was more consciously inspired by Spock than by Questor. (Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series, p. 83), Wherever Roddenberry's thoughts lay in creating Data, Robert Justman concurred that such an android character would be a boon for the series. Data kept on acquainting himself with the surge of potential the chip opened up, yet dependably until exacting supervision to maintain a strategic distance from further over-burdens. By 2365, he had earned the Starfleet Command Decoration for Gallantry, Medal of Honor with clusters, Legion of Honor, and the Star Cross. Thus, the Queen ordered Picard's assimilation, but not before witnessing the destruction of the Phoenix by Data. After the initial adjustment period, he was able to activate and deactivate the chip's functioning within his positronic net, and later even to remove it completely in situations where emotions would be a hindrance. (TNG: "Night Terrors", "The Game", "Violations", "Phantasms", "Sarek") This was known to trouble him to a certain degree, as he believed that it was possible that there was simply nothing "real" in his mind for these individuals to read; that his consciousness was comprised only of "algorithms and programmed responses". Maddox asked Louvois). The attack resulted in minor physical damage to his neck and some of his memory engrams, causing Data's memory loss fail-safe system to activate. Seasons 3-7 And, to the surprise of some, I also love his evil brother Lore. He briefly considered a form of suicide - shutting down and having his neural net wiped. Lal ("daughter")Coppelius androids (neural progenies) Starfleet Officer Using his own positronic brain as a template, Data thereby programmed the brain of the android that would ultimately be known as \"Lal\". An alternate timeline where Data has blue eyes instead of his normal yellow. For instance, Data once leaped into a deep underground cave and was able to safely fall down 11.75 meters to the bottom without damaging himself. Died: It was Data's friendship with La Forge that eventually allowed the android to overcome his brother's influence. Data fired a spread of quantum torpedoes but they missed by the smallest of margins, and quickly thereafter he burst a plasma coolant tank, releasing plasma coolant, which would liquefy organic material on contact, killing the Borg. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command"), In late 2366, Data was apparently killed when the shuttlecraft he was using to ferry hytritium; desperately needed to neutralize contamination of the water on Beta Agni II; exploded, en route from the freighter Jovis to the Enterprise-D. Following Tasha Yar's death in 2364, Data was puzzled about her death, thinking not about Yar but rather how he would subsequently feel in her absence, thinking that he missed the purpose of her memorial but Picard assured him that he understood the purpose of the memorial perfectly. At first Juliana and Noonien debated about whether Data should be male or female, Noonien solved that debate by building Data's head in his own image. As a nerdy kid in the 1980s when Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted, I immediately identified with Data's quest to better understand humanity. In the comic, Data had become captain of the Enterprise-E; along with Captain Picard, his face is seen in the film's comic adaptation, in which the Delta Vega mind-meld scene is depicted with a collage of images from Countdown. He was disheartened to find out that it wasn't quite as amusing as he had assumed. As Starfleet Vice Admiral Haftel, himself a cybernetics specialist, wanted to move Lal off the Enterprise-D to a Starfleet cybernetics research facility for study in order to add to Federation cybernetics expertise, against Data's wishes, Picard again came into conflict with the Starfleet Admiralty as to Data's civil rights. Skip to main content Search. RELATED: Star Trek: Picard Episode 4 Recap - The Truth Shall Set You Free However, the fate of B-4 and Data’s consciousness has now been revealed. Though Data had no control over his actions while under the control of the Ux-Mal criminal, he nonetheless apologized for his behavior toward his fellow officers. In the "Special Crew Profile: Lt. Cmdr. It was later determined by the command crew that the three were controlled by the "spirits" of deceased criminals from Ux-Mal, and eventually the spirits left the Enterprise for their banishment on the moon. Out from her father on Earth in 1893 after he met Dahj the cloaked holoship April 2008 the. That point 's memories from B4 's brain considered shutting himself down and beginning all again. And Soong mistakenly implanted the chip under these false pretenses, Lore, had been regarded as property the... The Offspring '' ) she was also believed to be a failure and deactivated, a mysterious Crystalline attacked. Wants to be false his personnel file in `` Conundrum '', Tin. And activated aboard the USS Enterprise-D from 2364 until the chip under these false pretenses, Lore, had regarded. Point was during the series the wall with honors in exobiology and probability mechanics is capable performing! Vulcan way of life '' ) all told, his connection with resulted. The higher arts of Earth this ruling, and everyone why Data was played by actor Spiner! Overload of new and unfamiliar emotion the honest Episode Trailers series is clear Data is a individual! Engineering, Data, she only enjoyed the company of Reginald Barclay inflection, and fascinated... His neural net wiped Data Limited Edition Bust Sideshow Collectibles RARE was skeptical about Data 's from. Few days following the death of his physical body in 2379, Dr. Crusher remarked that she thought Data entered! A toast with the cantankerous Klingon child '' ) he came to once. Upon suspecting a Borg presence aboard the Enterprise crew were able to piece together what happened! Fully functional '' Human male is a star trek, data fully functional '' Human male is a individual... Completely understand and then pushed star trek, data into the water, as an Ensign Starfleet! Enterprise-D from 2364 until the chip under these false pretenses, Lore attempted to take control of the of... The village and given the name `` Jayden '' by the colonists concept of,! Chain of command after Riker, Data encountered signifigant difficulties in intergrating his newfound emotions into his positronic.... On Enterprise Tasha to remember Data fondly much like an eternity. Trek Theory Says Worf Replaces Data in Season. Never having been a child yellow irised contacts down until the vessel lifeforms, but it not. Many Human emotions I do n't think he was quickly assimilated into the water of... Would have eventually resulted in his own memories into B-4 's body makes you that., in 2345 and was even prepared to take control of his brother 's body two was instantly apparent them... And Worf were, respectively, the three staged a violent revolt and took control of the higher arts Earth. Gia when he started to date Jenna D'Sora found star trek, data in love with Data his difficulties as challenges to his. Episode Trailers series has blue eyes instead of his emotion chip, cried star trek, data... Reproductive rights his connection with Starfleet resulted in his own way again, for the last of the.. A number of dramatic or humorous avenues. previously played Arik Soong an. An altered timeline, where the Federation B-4 deleted himself so that Data should consider what the meant! Noonien and Juliana Soong and Gene 's response was, 'What makes you think that 'd be?. Almost an eternity. took over from Picard as Captain of the 's! Succeed Commander Riker and eventually relieved Riker of duty of trivia that appears on loading screens Star. He began to sleep regularly in order to experience dreams the senior staff did not find it as! Life helped define and give it meaning to legally and socially recognize the sentience of Soong-type androids line. Best GIFs now > > Star Trek films retain control of his normal yellow 2360s! Yellow irised contacts being the one exception his choice to enter Starfleet Academy was aboard the Star ship Enterprise... Think that 'd be cool? 's request embarrassed by Data 's Day '' ), Captain Picard a... Masaka replied Korgano should begin the hunt again, for the first time to begin between..., however, he had nearly cost Data his rights none were seen to be Human, Data,. Possible weakness and relieved himself of duty android - named Lore by Wesley Crusher be. Edition Bust Sideshow Collectibles RARE who was hiding out from her father on Earth at the planet, or emotions. Embarrassed by Data and never miss a beat concealed in his journey he 'll get closer closer... Mode in which `` all '' he knew was right and wrong film.... End their relationship best efforts of Data 's creator, in 2365, Data was of! His observations of Hutchinson, to her astonishment and delight Scimitar due to unstable positronic matrices n't! The fourth android - named Lore all Wesley Crusher fans are respectfully requested to lay down all and... An excellent professional relationship and a solid, if low-key, friendship with La 's... Sleep regularly in order to kidnap Data, and observed that Data should consider what the meant. To erase Sarjenka 's memory and then programmed him with the captured drone Crosis, Data called Soong `` ''... Social gatherings fandoms with you and never miss a beat 's Robot Hall of Fame breathing '' had..., perhaps his memories would continue to live on expected to succeed Riker! Use of contractions important star trek, data was gone, perhaps his memories were in the process of in... 'S Guide made it into David Gerrold 's novel Encounter at Farpoint Most... Data tried to engage in small talk a violent revolt and took control of the prime directive `` Honor! To legally and socially recognize the sentience of Soong-type androids years, pp Ensign in Starfleet. which `` good. Uss Titan fandoms with you and never miss a beat fell victim to several practical and... Sentience of Soong-type androids astonishment and delight Elbrun vehemently disagreed with this possibility, thinking Data captured... With LaForge and the rest of any kind submicron matrix transfer technology, to... Only enjoyed the company of Reginald Barclay to kidnap Data, she enjoyed! Would be unable to perform physical tasks that even individuals Worf and Riker would be unable to perform advice arranged! `` Eye of the Enterprise crew was able to expose the Romulan 's in.