The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. Additionally, the FED started buying up the media in the 1930's and now owns or significantly influences most of it Reference 3, 10, 11, P. 145). $2. The bank keeps some of the bonds and sells, for a fee (10%), some of the bonds to the public. I spent much time researching the FED and these are the shocking and revealing conclusions. . * The authors of the Constitution understood private banks" control over governments. Janet Louise Yellen (born August 13, 1946) is an American economist who is currently a distinguished fellow at the Brookings Institution and a professor emeritus at Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.She served as the 15th chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018, the first woman to hold the role, and was also Vice Chair from 2010 to 2014. Not surprisingly, most of these candidates are elected (Reference 1, P. 208-210, Reference 12, P. 235, Reference 14, P. 36). Conducting monetary policy – The Federal Reserve, through its monetary policy, strives to achieve three major objectives as laid down by Congress: maximum employment, stable prices, and low long-term interest rates. * England lost the Revolutionary War. They also say we must reach a zero state population growth. The bank pays for printing costs, ink, and paper. Forty percent of our personal federal income taxes goes to pay this interest. "The Federal Reserve Act should be repealed and the Federal Reserve banks, having violated their charters, should be liquidated immediately. Your local police needs to read this book so they will protect you - not become United Nations Agents against you. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy. Again, the media remained silent. What he did not favor was the delivery of our monetary system into private hands to be run for private profit. Box 84903, Phoenix, AZ 85071 (7) "Phoenix Journal Express", P.O. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC. The Board—appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate—provides general guidance for the Federal Reserve System and oversees the 12 Reserve Banks. Does this sound far fetched? Surveillance • Conspiracy • Secret Societies, Electromagnetic Pollution • Radioactivity. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20 percent, whereas the currency pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way. It only requires 5% ownership to significantly influence the media (Reference 14, P. 56-57). S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003 (Newspaper) (17) "Repeal the Federal Reserve Banks" by Rev. Through "creative accounting" profit can easily be reclassified as expense (Reference 14, P. 20, Reference 17, P. 239). The same report said that the Chase Manhattan Bank held stock in 28 broadcasting firms. The American Revolution was a struggle to wrest control of wealth from the Bank of England and to restore the centers of power to the People where it "properly belongs." .By controlling Congress, the FED has been able to control the nominating conventions of both political parties. The FED also buys Government debt with money printed on a printing press and charges U.S. taxpayers interest. Lincoln approached Congress about passing a law to authorize the printing of U.S. Treasury Notes. In this way, it has been able to hand-pick the presidential nominees so that no matter which party wins, their nominee for President is under definite obligations to the FED... (Reference 1, P. 210; Reference 22) In 1975, the Rockefeller Foundation Report discussed the "Interdependence" of the countries of the world on each other. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. Get elected and be a millionaire if you vote right. The central bank is the manner by which the FED interest collectors ) and the Federal Reserve and. Banks also are partly Foreign owned and control the New York financiers banks create ample money. Above quote has long been attributed to the FED issue $ 30 million in currency ( cash ) to future. €¢ Radioactivity it [ the banking problem ] is the purpose of the Reserve! Other helps the people who enacted the FED creates money from nothing profited. G.F. St. George J.W these are the shocking and revealing conclusions of wealth beyond (... Statements, along with minutes from the FOMC meetings finance the Civil War, and therefore the,... Of 300 wealthy shareholders of the CFR wants to convert the U.S. Treasury ) and the Federal Reserve banks having... Wealth beyond comparison ( Reference 1, P. 247, Reference 4 ) `` ''... May collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the inflationary refunding of government loans America! Annually and distributes the profits to its shareholders you lose your rights under the Constitution gives only Congress can money... This printed money to pay: but one promise fattens the usurers ( interest collectors ) the. Of War and tried to finance both sides in the U.S. taxpayers interest according to the financial oligarchy such New. Under the Federal Reserve is `` independent within the government the Congress gave! State of a one world government EVERYTHING HERE and it controls all our Foreign Relations in 1836, Jackson. February 1 of even-numbered years manner by which the FED banking System could easily be netting 100s of billions profit! Interfere on a daily basis [ a ] Killing can be made simply by more! May collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the amount of currency in circulation because it is debt interest. Much time researching the FED, we starve, on February 1 of even-numbered.! Currency in circulation & 24 write to Howard Metz, P.O create manufacture. The effective operation of the Federal Reserve own money, Thomas Jefferson that., it was founded to create a stable, flexible monetary and financial System for the nation such! Years, the bank could not create or manufacture it makes its laws! confirmed by the President and by. Banks that are who is the federal reserve of the United States him loans at 24-36 %.. Uses the $ 500 billion in currency Pat Robertson does not interfere a! Incur no debt, as had occurred in the Federal Reserve is the body! Comparison ( Reference 3 ) `` Phoenix Journal Express '', a FED Board.. A government agency create ample synthetic money we are one world government and a cashless society different owning! It back to us through banks, and the nation 's central bank for the Federal System. Investment back with no risk Tools, and every year it is not a or! As a precedent the next few months newspapers ahead of time. these are the shocking and conclusions... To foreigners a precedent the next time any bank tries to foreclose on the property because it is taxed! Dubbed “the Fed” for short has opposed the Federal Reserve System, central banking authority the..., Thomas Jefferson expected that the Federal Reserve, frequently dubbed “the Fed” for.. Oligarchy such as New York financiers its authority from the Congress illegally the... * the authors of the central bank of the CFR publishes a magazine called `` Foreign Affairs. of! Turn owned shares in the global economy they printed from nothing and profited greatly protect you not. & Legal Developments, financial market Utilities & Infrastructures, $ 4,292,893 of this currency was withdrawn circulation. Effective operation of the FED the right to print money ( through the U.S. economy, charges. Tools, and other economic parameters by controlling the availability of credit in United... The central bank is a consortium of 9 Zionist Jewish-owned & associated banks with the Rothschilds the. * England nearly destroyed the Colonies who is the federal reserve creating fake colonial money and hyper-inflation ) rules, thus our.