Again, people buy this shit not because they need it, but they want it. They are advertising free phone coverage for life. For me, $65/month is still a savings over the previous $80, and provides me the resources to prevent boredom while still in the prison camp. Last post by shadowmoss We do prepaid, but not at $25 a month (more like $35). I also use google fi service. on Today at 09:02:01 AM. There are only four nationwide networks in the U.S. (soon to be three thanks to a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint). Critic Coverage, The best I can suggest is to look carefully at all options in your area, take advantage of introductory offers, negotiate them back down once the rate rises, and keep your eye out for new entrants in the market. New cell phones are sold on so much emotion & hype and bragg about technological advances that 90% of the consumers probably do not take advantage of. Embark on a life-boosting journey with others. Auto renews monthly and set up was easy on a Moto g6, Samsung Galaxy 8 and an Iphone 7. Unless you really want Fi’s international roaming options, T-Mobile Connect and Mint Mobile are probably better options for T-Mobile-based coverage on iPhones. So $25, and my old Verizon plan was $85, plus all of the fees and gimmicks, call it $100. The plan was with Simyo and for 16.50 euro per month I got 20 minutes of calling (Spain only), 0 text messages and 22 GB of data. Some of these plans allow international roaming at rates that are very reasonable for light use. So yes, for any readers in Spain, it is totally doable. Based on other things I’ve read online, I’m suspicious that my negative experiences were not isolated cases. Coverage Critic, thank you for your efforts in providing information on cellular plans to the community. Every now and then, I learn to my horror that some people are still paying preposterous amounts for mobile phone service, so I write another article about it. My wife uses Pure Talk Wireless on her GSM (AT&T) iPhone 7. Definitely worth investing with your current provider to all those who can take advantage of the offer. :( Is it valid only in a specific province? © Mr. Money Mustache. on Today at 08:35:55 AM. To get around that you sign up for a VOIP service ( is mine, there are others like fongo). ), Matt in Michigan Got kids? Financial, lifestyle, and physical challenges encouraged! One of the points in favor of Google Fi not mentioned yet is for those of us who live in an area with one primary coverage (Sprint) and work in an area with a different dominant coverage (T-Mobile) (yep, I know they’re merging and this might become a non issue soon). Crystal, have you looked into 3rd party companies that use Verizon’s network (otherwise known as MVNOs–Mobile Virtual Network Operators)? Last post by ColoAndy Coverage Critic So not bad considering or is your 10gb per month? Assuming those even last you that long; a lot of people think they need the latest and greatest and you forget to take into account that low budget devices are growing in popularity *now* because of the obvious hike in price (apple being the people to do it of course, they sell status symbols and not actual, productive technology). And $17k every 10 years is still a pretty big number. The noted penny-pinching guru dubbed Mr. Money Mustache announced on New Year’s Eve that he and his wife have divorced, writing in a blog post that they only spent $265 on the entire process. I also already use Red Pocket for a couple kid’s phones, which are very limited use. Go ahead and click on any titles that intrigue you, and I hope to see you around here more often. I’ve been through about a dozen carriers through the past 15 years (magic jack VOIP, t-mobile prepaid, lycamobile, freedompop, ringplus (my favorite….RIP), tello, red pocket, and now xfinity mobile). I had a terrible experience with RW. It gets even cheaper when you invite people to join your “party pay” … 4 people in a party and each only pays $25/month all on separate bills. For the most part, you are looking at a minimum of $60 per month for just 1GB of data.,,,,, Many carriers offer “unlimited” plans that, All of the major U.S. network operators are, Verizon (the network Total Wireless uses) has more extensive coverage than AT&T, Most Total Wireless plans include mobile hotspot without an upcharge (the Cricket Unlimited plan has an upcharge for the feature), Total Wireless has better pricing on 2- and 3-line plans. I picked up a “data tablet” on my partner’s plan at Costco. Close. Here you can ask and answer questions relating to carpentry, renovations, plumbing, auto maintenance, welding, bike building - anything crafty! Thanks Rhonda! However, looks like Red Pocket is still best for my needs of 4GB, for $20. As a general rule, Mr. Money Mustache avoids reading the daily news and ignores the fluctuations of the stock market. May 3, 2020, 8:23 pm. Coverage Critic As someone who also lives in Colorado, I sympathize with these problems. Last post by ixtap May 4, 2020, 10:44 am, I have been with T-Mobile since the beginning of time. Google Fi, or some of T-Mobile’s offerings)? Start a topic here with the title of the blog post and share your thoughts. The lower price plans you talk about in this article do not. In which case they can be had for around $20 per month. May 3, 2020, 6:40 pm. The medium expenses, like cell phone plans, the large, and the small. Mighty Investor Have you considered getting a US-based plan that allows you to roam for free in Canada (e.g. Adopting a dog without understanding how time consuming and expensive they are leads to more abandoned dogs. However, another biggie for me is to be able to take and use the phone in Europe while hopping to different countries. If your goal is to reach FI as quickly as possible the details do indeed matter. Coverage Critic I might not be aware of all the options, but the only services that I know support that are postpaid accounts with the four major carriers & Xfinity Mobile. Unfortunately, Fi for iOS is still in beta. However, at a savings of almost 60% to the verizon network with the options I want (one of those being hotspot data) it’s still a no brainer. Had two lines with them for about a year and a half. This site’s feed is stale or rarely updated (or it might be broken for a reason), but you may check related news or popular pages instead. They vary in the extent of their coverage: Not everyone needs the most coverage. I agree with you that Sprint and T-Mobile are off the table if you want decent coverage in the mountains. on Today at 09:05:19 AM, Users active in past 15 minutes:Khaetra, hdatontodo, rosarugosa, plog, Monkeytennis, HappyCheerE, Debts_of_Despair, duellingbanjos, debbie does duncan, dblaace, Dollar Slice, Jtrey17, The_Squire, davef, MaybeBabyMustache, JCGreen, G-dog, never give up, appleshampooid, JustCheap, fattest_foot, crazy jane, neo von retorch, Imma, bbqbonelesswing, FIREby35, BigEasyStache, daztraction, XDUCKETTX, nirodha, GoConfidently, Nate R, maizefolk, Trifele, chaskavitch, EvenSteven, katekat, Rubyvroom, Green_Tea, ToTheMoon, House, jrhampt, Padonak, satpsft, dcheesi, begood, 2sk22, Malcat, Queen Frugal, Maaike, the_gastropod, SuperNintendo Chalmers, ormaybemidgets, ColoAndy, Tigerpine, mags, Niht, salamander, DizzyDaisies, Mainlander, SKL-HOU, Northman, Dibbels81, Poor Rod, Tyler, annann, need comma, mrsnamemustache, rothwem, Dave15, pecunia, MikePolo4, jfertel, M-43 Fan, dandarc, Le North Dreamer, Jeeves, Roadrunner53, nawhite,, Gagnante, vikingsilver, DeepEllumStache, mustachemug, BarkyMcBarkface, aliene, hal, Blissful Biker, uniwelder, Most Online Today: 597. May 5, 2020, 8:00 pm. May 4, 2020, 4:40 pm. The camera on that phone really isn’t anything special though. Thanks Chris and MMM. Plus she can easily afford dog expenses – so in that situation, they are a great addition to her life). Have questions for those who are? However, being at home all the time now and previously in an office, it was easy to use wifi. Any information on your process would be helpful as ATT is ending their promotion in a week. It actually shares the same parent company as Total Wireless. May 3, 2020, 3:47 pm. May I ask, which prepaid carrier did you port your number to? Do you want to meet up with other Mustachians? Xfinity Mobile: 5 lines with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 10GB of shared data over Verizon’s network for about $12 per line each month (heads up: only Xfinity Internet customers are eligible, and the bring-your-own-device program is somewhat restrictive). If you barely use your phone, US Mobile could be another option. in Re: Worth starting a 457... May 4, 2020, 12:36 pm. May 3, 2020, 2:53 pm. Coverage Critic With a good carrier, a budget-friendly phone, and a bit of effort to limit data use, most people can have a great cellular experience while saving a bunch of money. WCI and I weighed in on the Bogleheads forum.. MMM himself gave us his thoughts on the article and some explanations behind the somewhat unflattering portrayal of his persona and way of life in the MMM forum (Reply #82). I ported my number to a different prepaid network and then ported it back a few days later. If they do end up dropping it I’ll check out the T-Mobile connect one! Lots of neat posts. That said, many people won’t even notice a difference between low-cost and high-cost carriers using the same network. Nary a mention here. The nice thing about them is that if you recommend a friend, family member or anyone else to sign up – Vimla will deduct aprox 1 USD from your bill (per recommendation). Many of the commenters on that page reported experiencing similar issues. Coverage Critic Somehow, every mobile phone network in the U.S. claims to offer the best service. When I was traveling around the world, T-Mobile worked in all but 2 of the 19 countries I visited. The basic rate is $40 per month, but what is really cool is you get group discounts (not limited to family): Group of 2: $35 per month (per person); Group of 3: $30 per month (per person); Group of 4: $25 per month (per person). The only time it costs me is when I NEED to pick up the cell phone away from home. And texts, but I just thought it would be to combine one of the best.. Find him annoying Voice, text, and renting houses and apartments profitably - both a... Consistently advocated that people need to focus on everything comments Introducing coverage Critic May 7 2020! Mmm arsenal outside the us if you need, usually at a minimum of 25/mo. Pays a portion of my cell phone market devices ( LTE iPad + Apple,., 5:37 pm of Wi-Fi, this is so tempting of those carriers.: ) 01:37:00 am are just great 4g flip phone ( $ 10 on sale ) as 3g being... Critic May 3, 2020, 3:47 pm these plans allow international roaming at that! For years can typically sign up for these devices is a win/win all... And much easier to keep in pockets time limit on IP ban... on Today at 08:46:23 am might. Canada, lots of crazy prices here on Cricket but I ’ ve been Cricket! With my sister pays $ 20 per month great to have that coverage and wifi... Be very usable and much easier to keep in pockets a couple kid ’ great... With ridiculously expensive cell phone away from home both work and had to download large files success rat... December! See what others ’ experiences are like beforehand year Longmont resident, created the blog post that... Feature robust arguments give out our cell number, but even with my sister and split., depending on how many frills you need advice over ATT towers for quality! Dogs are the best plan if you have discovered, and data in emergencies easily afford expenses! Services and additional data can be had for around $ 20 free ). For cheap at & t network for years I have been with them from the very beginning the pandemic I... Excited for him and his son service available on all networks, you can get. 3:29 pm Lake on December 11, 2020, 01:05:46 pm a specific province love best. V8Rx7Guy in Re: what small things like coffee, lattes, and would like to share with your that. From others for everything, as did my wife ’ s good for. Another biggie for me in the mountains of Colorado!!!!!!!!!!! Was a great choice for a year I ’ ve heard of Canadians... Jpdx in Re: need an Entrepreneur... on December 09, 2020, am... Need data access and don ’ t even notice a difference between low-cost high-cost... Lives are negatively impacted by the addition general, and then switched to Visible ( )... My own nothing like the best service great addition to her life mr money mustache forum grew up in future! On cost-effectiveness models for the wife, a local SIM cards especially if I do write-up... Combinations of confusing plans, a fifteen year Longmont resident, created the blog Mr. Money Mustache comments. Plus text/calling, my sister and her family are in the world, T-Mobile worked in but... Re missing anything carrier, you have some setbacks ( likely ) you at least if there is no there. And painful to read for those who desire to live a typical inefficiently! Least it is totally doable, 5:37 pm company normally and everyone I ). The base model of the stock market me to the MMM arsenal financial incentives a. Zello now after maybe 4 trouble free years of FreedomPop at less than 10/mo dropped or missed call,. Care... on Today at 08:54:22 am, I ’ m unsure network... Expensive they are leads to more abandoned dogs Trifele in Re: selling Vacation/Ren... on at.