The WG-50 has a high-power diode illuminator so it allows for 350 meter observation. 3 levels of Illumination illuminator allow you to adjust the power to a distance from the object. In low-light conditions, infrared can be turned off and thus reduce the effect of diode glow.

However, it is a simple way to make the observation more discreet.

Can be used with WG-50 extra, easy to install, 940 nm IR illuminator. Of course, the range of observations in complete darkness will be less than that of the built-in illuminator at 850 nm. This configuration will not show the effect of the diode. The range in the case of the illuminator will be within 150-180 meters. Therefore, for close observation you can use an additional illuminator at 940 nm, and with the further built in the device at 850 nm.   In the additional illuminator you can also change the diode 940 nm to 850 nm and then the infrared range will be more than 400 meters.  

More discreet observation? We have a simple way.