Thermal viewfinder TD-50 Orion

Highlights of the viewfinder

  • Device 2 in 1-viewfinder for weapons and observation camera
  • Small, compact size and low weight
  • Assembly with quick-fastening Weaver Rail
  • Quick operation with shortcut keys
  • For power supply via cells 16340
  • Automatic or manual sensitivity correction
  • Possible assembly on weapons of any kind
  • Filters to provide digital image correction for high resolution
  • Operating time more than 7h on battery
  • High-resolution eyepiece display: up to 1024×768 resolution

State-of-the-art technology

Dating thanks to the use of Amourphose technology with Silicon micro-bolometrem resets the concept of hunting and watching wildlife at very high distances and in all weather conditions. The device has a front lens made of a specialized material called Germanium. The thermal viewfinder has a focal length of up to 50 mm. IR Goggles is very light and has a compact size, making use very comfortable and practical. The front lens is coated with a highly durable carbon coating that prevents scratching and other damage. Version with latest software in Polish language. Fixed the PiP system (picture in picture), more polished grids and much more. The device is equipped with a 384x288px-resolution detector, not cooled so it is not susceptible to overheating failures. An additional display option is the ability to effectively reduce the brightness of the display. This may limit the exposure of the eye during nocturnal observations. The casing is made of metal alloy (not plastic), which means it is very light and durable. The analog output allows you to connect Termowizora to your TV/monitor/recording device. You can start picture in picture (PiP) mode. It displays the center of the image in a separate pane. Detecting people: from a distance of 800 meters we see exactly the details of the person, from the distance 3000 meters we see the heat point. Ability to edit the color intensity of the device menu. The most important functions are directly from the convex control buttons, and there are icons on the screen that correspond to the four buttons on the housing. In this way, the most important functions are limited to 1-2 strokes. Only the most advanced functions are gathered in the classic drop-down menu. With the termowizorowi you can see through the fog, darkness, snow or rain.

Technical Specifications

Detector type Uncooled MIKROBOLOMETR
Detector resolution 384×288
Detector pixel Size 17μm
Spectral range 8-14 μm
Lens focal length 50mm
FoV 7.5 ° × 5.5 °
Focus From approx. 5m to ∞
Zoom From 3.4 to 13.6
Field of view (W x H) 10.5 ° X 8 °
Digital ZOOM 2x, 4x
Dioptryjna Adjustment -6d/+ 4d
Brightness Possible setting in range 0-99
Contrast Possible setting in range 0-99 <
Colour polarization Warm black, warm white, warm red, colourful
Gunner Cross Yes, you can select one of the 7 types of
Water rating IP67
Eyepiece Display OLED 1024×768
Grid Adjustment Range +/-15 miles
Precise adjustment 0.35 miles
Akumularor 4 x CR123 (3v) or 4 x 16340 (3.6/3, 7V) selectable in the device menu
Start time Less than 5 seconds
Output Video, RS232, DC12V
Video out Pal
Operating temperature – 40 °c to + 50 °c (storage – 45 °c to + 55 °c)
Battery runtime Over 7 hours of continuous operation
Loading USB charger (DC5V/2a Micro USB)
Power Possibility of connecting Powerbanku
Weight without battery < 800 grams
Dimensions 250mm x 71mm x 71mm
User manual Printed in English