Gel switch with extension cord

The most important features of the switch

  • High quality materials (aviation aluminum, high quality plastic)
  • Resistance to weather conditions, moisture, fluorescent ring.
  • Integrity with 850nm and 940nm illuminators.

Gel switch for SI-940 and SI-850 side scuttles. Facilitates operation of the illuminator mounted on the accessory rail of firearms, ASG, paintball etc.

The installation of the switch consists in replacing the original cap of the illuminator battery port with a screw cap with a cable terminated with a switch. We mount the cable switch in a convenient place, eg at the front grip or near the trigger of a firearm.

The switch is made of aviation aluminum, has a fluorescent ring, the spring cable has more than 2 times the possibility of stretching.

The switch button is properly protected against dust and moisture by means of a protective layer made of durable plastic.

Product technical parameters

Compatibility Illuminator SI-850, Illuminator SI-940
Dimensions diameter /height 25/32 mm
Tensile length without stretching 300 mm
Length of wire after stretching 700 mm
Fabrication material aerospace aluminum, high-quality plastic