Iluminatora for Weaver Rail

Key Features

  • High quality materials (aluminium, fastening screws of durable metal alloy).
  • Resistance to sun, high humidity and abrasion.
  • Integralość with most portholes.

Universal two-piece mounting on a carbine with 11 mm rail. It is designed for portholes of tube 1 inch.

The assembly is made of air-aluminium, it is durable and powerful, but very light.

Extremely fast and easy to assemble-just tighten the 2 screws. No need to use additional tools for mounting on the rail.

The kit includes an allen key to screw the iluminatora.

The high height of the chuck helps during mounting as well as allows the installation of portholes with wide lens. Without a problem, mount a porthole on weapons, night vision or WIATRÓWCE.

Product Specifications

Compatibility Porthole si-850, porthole si-940, porthole 850nm Laser
Rail 11 mm
Tube 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Height 21 mm
Type Two-piece, high
Material Aviation Aluminium