Illuminator modules

The most important features of the modules

  • Full compatibility with SI-850 and SI-940 illuminators.
  • Quick replacement of modules in the illuminators without the use of additional tools.
  • Very good and high quality brand OSRAM modules.




XLamp XM-L Led is a professional product with the highest efficiency.

the diode is single-mode, class Led. three types of diodes are available: white, green and red.

the XLamp XM-L Led is 20% more efficient than the XLamp XP-G Led at the same current and can deliver 100 lumens per Watt of effective power.

XLamp XM-L LEd offers:

  • wide viewing angle,
  • symmetric package,
  • very long life,
  • electrically neutral thermal path.

Technical parameters

Compatibility SI-850 and SI-940 illuminators
Installation you can change modules yourself without using additional tools
Maximum current white: 3000mA; red, green: 1000mA
thermal resistance white: 2.5 ° C /W; red, green: 8 ° C /W
Maximum connector temperature 150 C
Angle of light 115 ° -130 °