Illuminator 850nm SI-850

The most important features of the illuminator

  • Opportunity to work with one or two batteries.
  • Phosphorescent button and housing components.
  • Very strong, good workmanship – aviation aluminum.
  • It’s probably in your hands.
  • Range with WG-50 from 150 to 200 meters.

The 850nm outdoor infrared illuminator is compatible with Gen 1, Gen 1+, Gen 2, Gen 3, digital night vision devices and other infrared devices.

OSRAM OSLON Black Series (850 nm)  is a professional product with the highest efficiency. The diode is single-mode, IR of the LeD class.


  • wide viewing angle,
  • symmetric package,
  • very long life,
  • electrically neutral thermal path.

Technical parameters

dimensions length /diameter 21.2 /2.7 cm
diameter of the lens 38 mm
Fabrication material aerospace aluminum, high-quality plastic
Infrared illuminator OSRAM OSLON Black Series (850 nm)
Power one or two cells 18650 3.7 V
User’s Manual printed in English