Observation thermograph TD-19 Smart

Key Features of Termowizora

  • Small, compact size fits in your pocket
  • Operating with a USB type-C smartphone
  • Ability to record images and photos
  • Preview on smartphone screen
  • Very good workmanship
  • Fast Support Plug & Play
  • Operating time depending on the charge of the smartphone
  • Automatic or manual sensitivity correction
  • Manual Image Brightness Adjustment
  • Precise point temperature can be measured

State-of-the-art technology

The latest TD-19 Smart observation IR Goggles has an excellent refresh rate of up to 60 Hz as well as a focal length lens of 25 mm, which is the two basic image quality parameters. The device has very practical dimensions and fits precisely in the hand. Its easy and convenient service will satisfy every user. The device is immediately ready to use when you start, there is no need to make settings every time, these are saved in the device memory. The IR goggles TD-19 Smart is used in many fields, both for hunting, for the protection of persons and property, observation or for construction companies. The device is equipped with a detector with a 384x288px resolution, a frequency of 25 Hz and a lens from germanium with a diameter of 13 mm. TD-19 is a leader in its class of thermal cameras to the smartphone in terms of price to quality. Ability to edit in device menu intensity of color, contrast or brightness. With Termowizorowi Obserwacyjemu you can see through the fog, darkness or snow. Very easy and intuitive menu dedicated application: Just plug, run the application and it works. No need to connect to WiFi, Setup or use additional drivers.  

Technical specifications of TD-19

Detector type Uncooled FPA
Detector resolution 384×288
MRTD < 500mK @ 25 °c
Lens focal length 13mm
NETD < 60mK @ 25 °c
Frequency 25Hz
Focus From approx. 5m to ∞
Object Temperature range -20 °c-+ 120 °c
Precision Measurement +/-3 °c or +/-5%
Calibration type Manual/Auto
Image transmission LIVE Preview by Smarfona with USB C connector
Record videos and photos Dedicated app for Android and IOS
Colour polarization Warm black, warm white, warm red
Compatibility Android 6.0 or higher
Menu language English
Connector type USB Type-C
Temperature measurement Type Measuring the warmest point, the coldest plus the possibility of measuring the exact point indicated by the user
Sdk Device SDK Support
Operating temperature – 10 °c to + 50 °c (storage – 20 °c to + 60 °c)
Battery runtime Battery-dependent smartphone
Power USB Type-C connector from your smartphone
Weight < 40g
Dimensions 49, 5x25x27mm
Manual Printed in English