Universal Magnetic chuck

Key Features

  • The device allows for easy and quick installation of any device on a car or other metal component
  • A wide range of accessories allows you to mount both the Bestguarder equipment and other cameras or cameras
  • Two ultra-strong neodymium magnets for confident mounting of our equipment

The magnetic chuck features very strong neodymium-resistant magnets, so we don't scratch the varnish on the car.

The ability to adjust the width of the magnet spacing, so that we can assemble the magnetic holder on any metal surface.

Accessories allow you to assemble the devices on the "1/4 inch thread", mobile phones, cameras, and the likes of GoPro devices.

Aesthetic and robust design guarantees long-term work.

Product Specifications

Dimensions w/L 65/300 mm
Magnet width Adjustment 240-95mm
Material Steel, rubber, quality plastic
Magnet 12-Piece Neodymium