Magnetic holder for the illuminator

Key features of the handle

  • High quality materials (aluminum, neodymium magnet).
  • Resistance to sunlight, high humidity and abrasion.
  • Integrity with most scuttles with different pupils.
  • Special arrangement of magnets determines the firm grip of the grip to the barrel of the weapon.

It has a stable X-shaped frame with a magnet. It is designed for portholes with a tube from 1 inch to 1.2 inches.

Perfect for use on a weapon barrel and on any device that does not have a mounting rail.

Simple assembly and disassembly without tools. Screwing the illuminator onto the hand-screwed screw.

The assembly was made of aviation aluminum, it is durable and strong, and at the same time very light.

Two very beautiful neodymium magnets hold our handle motionless even with strong shocks when shooting or carrying a weapon.

The high grip height helps during assembly and allows the assembly of side scuttles with a wide lens. We can easily mount such a porthole on a weapon, night-vision or windbreaker.

Product technical parameters

Compatibility most of the available side scuttles
Installation x-shaped holder mounted by means of neodymium magnets
barrel from 1 inch (25.4 mm) to 1.5 inch (30.5 mm)
weight 90 grams
dimensions length /width /height 41mm /47mm /46mm
Fabrication material aluminum airline