Monokular Noktowizyjny NV – 600

Versatile application

The Monokular noktowizyjny NV-600 is ideal for various areas:

  • Hunting
  • Rescue
  • Protection of persons and property,
  • Sailing
  • Forestry
  • Sport
  • Animal Monitoring,
  • Specialist monitoring.

Modern technology

Thanks to the use of high quality electronics (sensitive CMOS sensor), the most modern optics (glare coating, increasing light transmittance) the image is high resolution and quality. The Monokular Bestguarder NV-600 has a single optical zoom and an additional 5x digital zoom. It perfectly copes with changing lighting conditions from dawn to absolute darkness (up to 350 meters). It is used not only for observing (movie and photo capture function). The built-in WiFi module allows you to connect wirelessly with Smarfonem using a dedicated application. Infrared light is not visible to humans and wild animals. After installing a MicroSD card you can take a photo or make a movie recording. Through the video output, we can connect the monokular to the TV (NTSC or PAL standard) or to the computer via USB port. Thanks to the universal Monokular rail You can install on a tripod or connect additional, compatible devices.

Technical Specifications NV-600

Lens diameter φ 18 mm
Field of view 24 ° x19 °
Optical zoom 1x
Digital Zoom to 5x
Adjustable Eyepiece ± 5
Distance to Eye 10-15mm
Photo Resolution 750 * 560, 640 * 480
Resolution of video files 640 * 480 to 30 fps
Observation range with sufficient light 2 m to ∞
Observation range in complete darkness to 200 m
Night Vision So
PC WEB camera Feature So
Water rating IPX4
Memory card support MicroSD, up to 32GB
Supported languages English/English/Spanish/French/Swedish/Russian/Japanese/German
Adjustment for Tripod Mounting 1 position
Infrared Spotlight 850 NM
Output Video, USB
Connectivity Built-in WiFi module, dedicated app for Android and IOS
Video out PAL or NTSC
Display 1.5 "TFT LCD
Operating temperature – 30 °c to + 55 °c (storage – 40 °c to + 70 °c)
Infrared Range Up to 350 meters
Recommended Batteries Links 14500
External power supply Yes, Power bank DC 5v/1a
Dimensions 102 Ⅹ 76 Ⅹ 49 MM
Manual Printed in English