800PRO Laser Rangefinder

Key features of the rangefinder

  • Measuring accuracy 1 metre.
  • Range up to 800 meters.
  • 6-fold magnification.
  • Can be measured in fog.

The use of advanced Emission projection display (EPD) technology replaces the traditional Transmission display LCD screen that enhances product performance in two points: the display screen resolves the problem of inability to recognize From the rangefinder in dark conditions and has a higher transparency of the glass.

Accurate measurements can be achieved up to 800 meters. Measurements can be made at night and in fog. The rangefinder maintains the functions of a golf ball seeker, corrects a golf distance, a horizontal distance (for hunters) and a vertical height measure. The device also has a folding eyepiece cover for the convenience of users.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Length/diameter 21,2/2.7 cm
Measurement accuracy +/-1 metre
Effective operating Range 5 to 800 meters
Speed Measuring Range 0 to 300 km/h
Power Battery 3v CR2 (included)
Lens diameter 21 mm
Zoom 6x
Increased pupil 16 mm
Weight 155g
Water Ipx4
Operating modes Standard, fog measurement, horizontal and vertical distance measurement, speed measurement
Operating Temperature range -10 °c to 50 °c
User manual Printed in English