Laser distance meter LE-032 Laser

Laser Rangefinder's key features

  • Display – Color OLED display,
  • Laser beam – Thanks to the laser bundle 905 nm, the light is not seen by humans and animals,
  • Distance – accurate measurement can be achieved up to 700 meters
  • Speedometer – Measuring the speed of objects up to 300 km/h,
  • Mounting-mounting on the rail Weaver/Picatiny
  • Laser beam-thanks to laser beam we see without using Noktowizji, where exactly measures the rangefinder.

Laser Rangefinder LE-032 v3 with speedometer function

The Mini laser rangefinder has a durable, weatherproof metal housing with a mechanical celowniczym point and colour OLED display. Continuous, fast distance measurement in a variety of conditions and the installation of the Weaver rail allows for a wide and convenient use of the device. Thanks to the 905 nm laser beam the light is not seen by humans and animals. The rangefinder works perfectly with Lunetami Celowniczymi and night vision, noktowizyjnymi pads, etc. (laser light is evident in vision devices.) Accurate speed measurement can be achieved up to 700 meters. Measurements can be made at night and in fog as well as measuring the speed of objects from 0 to 300 km/h. The laser sight allows for very accurate calibration of the rangefinder without the use of additional equipment.

Technical Specifications

Measurement accuracy ± 1 metre
Effective operating Range 6 to 700 meters
Speed Measuring Range 0 to 300 km/h
Power Battery 3v CR2
Weight 150g
Color Black or camouflage
Screen Oled
Laser Beam 905 NM, Class 1 (Safe for eyes and skin)
Waterproof Ipx4
Operating modes Standard, fog measurement, horizontal distance measurement, horizontal and fog distance measurement, speed measurement
User manual Printed in English