Wireless alarm on the SY-007 PLUS Fishing Rod

Set SY-007 PLUS-receiver and transmitters

  • Frequency-The alarm system operates at a frequency of 433 MHz.
  • Wireless-SY-007 set is a wireless system.
  • Range-the detector sends a signal up to 300 meters in the open area.
  • Detectors-One receiver supports up to 5 pieces of infrared motion detectors (PIR).
  • Easy to assemble-instant fastening with strap or screws.
  • Standby time-up to 100 hours receiver and up to 400 hours detector.

Motion detection

  • Vibration lasting 15 seconds.
  • The LED is assigned to a specific detector.
  • Sound signal from the speaker or headphones.

Passive Sensor kit

The SY-007 set is an external wireless alarm system operating at a frequency of 433 MHz.

The set includes a receiver and passive infrared motion detectors (PIR)-up to 5 units per receiver.

When motion is detected from a distance of up to 12 metres, the detector transmits the signal to the receiver up to 300 meters in open area.

The receiver discreetly signals the detection of the motion with a 15-second vibration, a LED (assigned to a specific detector), and an audible signal from the speaker or headphones. This allows the system to inform the user about the direction of approaching the animal or man.

Standby time, up to 100 hours receiver and up to 400 hours detector, allows for long-term operation without the need for frequent replacement of batteries or accumulators.

The detectors are fully weatherproof-the tightness rating is IP66

It is ideal for fishing, guarding the estate, guarding the vehicles, parking, parcel summer, etc.




Technical data
Detector Water Rating Ip66
Frequency 433MHz
Range Up to 300 meters in open area
Motion detection PIR motion detectors, up to 12 meters range and 70 ° angle
Signalling LED light, vibration, beeping
Vibration Duration 15 seconds
Installation Strap or screws
Number of detectors Up to 5 detectors per receiver
Operating temperature – 20 °c to + 60 °c (storage – 30 °c to + 70 °c)
Recommended Batteries 3 * AAA Lithium, alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries Per device, receiver standby up to 100 a detector up to 400 hours
Receiver Dimensions 80 x 55 x 40 mm
Transmitter Dimensions 140 x 100 x 40 mm
User manual Printed in English