Universal holder for the illuminator

The most important features of the handle

  • Very low weight only 30 grams.
  • Fast assembly that does not require additional tools.
  • Compact dimensions and very solid workmanship.

Ideal for use with a telescope and any device that does not have a mounting rail.

Simple assembly and disassembly without tools. Screwing the handle takes only a few seconds.

Very solid workmanship. The screw can be easily tightened with one hand.

The high grip height helps during assembly and allows the assembly of side scuttles with a wide lens. We can easily mount such a porthole on the telescope.

Product technical parameters

Compatibility the majority of available 1 inch illuminators
Installation twisted two parts using a screw with a handle
barrel 1 inch (25.4 mm)
weight 30 grams
dimensions length /width /height 20mm /107mm /53mm
Fabrication material high-quality plastic