Thermal viewfinder Z35/42

Main features of the viewfinder:

  • Small, compact dimensions
  • One-handed operation
  • Ability to record images and photos
  • Calibration without image freeze
  • Excellent sensitivity-17 μm 50 Hz sensor
  • Human detection range 1800 meters

The Thermal imaging unit with 17 μm 50 Hz sensor provides excellent sensitivity. It has 4x digital magnification. The thermal viewfinder is available in two variants: with a focal length lens of 35 mm or 42 mm. It is very lightweight and has compact dimensions, making use very convenient and practical. Analog output allows you to connect the thermal imaging to a TV, monitor, recording device. The device is immediately ready for use after startup, there is no need to modify the settings every time-these are saved in the device memory. The viewfinder has a crosshairs in the form of a cross, with several styles and colors being configured. Detecting people: At a distance of 1800 m, there is a visible heat point.

The night vision viewfinder has a versatile application:

  • Hunting
  • Rescue
  • Protection of persons and property
  • Leśnictwo
  • Monitoring
  • Detective Services
  • Animal watching

Technical specifications of the product

Lens 35 mm……………………. 42mm……………………..
Digital Zoom Up to 4x
Human detection Range 1500 m 1800m
Vehicle Detection Range 3000 m 3800 m


Sealing IP67
Output Analog video
LCD resolution 800×480
Operating temperature -30 °c to + 60 °c
Storage temperature – 50 °c to + 70 °c
Supported languages English/Japanese
Recommended Batteries 26500 cells 3, 7v
Dimensions (mm) 200, 5×89, 5×57, 7 209×89, 5×57, 7
Sensor 17 μm, 50 Hz
Thermal sensitivity <50 mK></50 mK>
Spectral range 8-14 μm
Picture modes White hot/Black hot/Red hot/Iron Red/Sky
Target Grid 8 patterns, 4 colors or no display
Focus Manually
Start time 5 Seconds to

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